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An Employee Benefit and  Human Resources Consulting Firm

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Enhancing the Human Resource Function

Building a human resource function is becoming every more important in developing an organization, controlling costs, maximizing employees productivity and protecting the company from potential employment related legal liabilities. Specifically, the human resource function addresses:

  • Clearly defining job responsibilities and assure proper documentation of their accountabilities,
  • Hiring and terminating employees based on company needs and legal requirements
  • Paying employees and assure compliance with the various state and federal tax and regulatory requirements,
  • Providing cost effective benefits including health and retirement plans and assure compliance with ERISA, COBRA, and HIPAA,
  • Controlling healthcare and benefit costs,
  • Developing compensation programs that reward the principals and employees,
  • Complying with the various employment related regulatory and legal requirements including Fair Labor Standards Act, National Labor Relations Act, American with Disabilities Act, Family Medical Leave Act, and age, sex, and racial discrimination legislation,
  • Providing the required supervisor training for sexual harassment, labor, drug abuse and other employee practice issues, and
  • Communicating with employees through an employee manual and easily understandable employee benefit descriptions.

Randolph Johnson Associates (RJA) in coordination with a companyís legal counsel is prepared to help companies address these human resource issues, and where appropriate, function as an outsourced HR department.

We start with each organizationís unique operations, locations and business objectives to develop a human resource and benefit strategy. We then structure the HR function to meet our clientís needs and are prepared to assume all or a portion of these functions within a companyís day to day operations.

To augment our capability, we draw upon the expertise of specialty human resource consulting firms as needed.

RJA fees will be based on the services provided and may be offset by any commissions received by being named the broker of record for the group insurance plan. Fees for legal services and other outside consultants will be based on the scope of their services.

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